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This isn't just any old job board! By verifying and working on your Employer Profile you'll boost your employer brand, attract more candidates and help them to find you more easily

How it works...

The CareerZoo team and our users add Employer and live Job information. That information is then posted onto the website to benefit Job Seekers.

Employers are invited to verify the information posted by becoming a member. This also enables them to take control of the Employer Brand and Job information being posted on CareerZoo.

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1. Verify

Log in to the CareerZoo portal to verify and edit your Employer profile, or create a new one.

2. Post Multiple Jobs

Use your CareerZoo portal to create, post and edit multiple jobs.

3. Access People & Culture Support

Depending on your needs, choose the support that suits you.

Member Support

People are every organisation's biggest and most important asset. Good people are instrumental to any organisation’s success and ultimately their bottom line. Attracting, engaging and retaining key talent is vital, and this is where CareerZoo can support you and your business to plan to thrive.

Strategic HR

Covers concepts and practices that guide and align; an HR philosophy, tactical planning and practice with the strategic and long term goals of your organisation. It deals with concerns regarding structure, quality, culture & inclusion, values, engagement, retention, attraction, and matching resources to future needs and other longer term people issues.

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Employee Relations

Employee relations support is for employers that require structured support with particular people issues or a need to implement a structural change that both comply with employment law and have a human approach.

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Operational HR

Operational HR support sees to the day-to-day tactical operational set up essential to meeting the needs of your employees and employment legislation. It tends to focus on the immediate and necessary needs of people within an organisation

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Make the most of the access to the latest video, marketing and recruitment technology to boost your talent acquisition strategy and save you time and money along the way

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CareerZoo specialises in all areas of people & culture, getting under the skin of your business to best support you with bespoke solutions.


Employers raising awareness of their Employer Brand

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Per month

30 minute HR consultation
Verified Employer Profile and Badge
Post Multiple Verified Jobs
CareerZoo portal access
In portal chat support
Edit Employer Profile
HR Support- (Pay as you go)
Strategic HR
Operational HR
Employee Engagement
Recruitment Support
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Employer serious about their Employer Brand

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All 'Verified' membership features +
10% discount - 'Pay as you go' HR Options
10% discount - all Job Adverts
10% discount - all Job Advert 'Power ups' (e.g. Pro Video Production, Paid Social)
Add Company Culture Video (interactive) to Employer Profile
30 minute Recruitment Brand consultation
All applications assessable in one places on your CareerZoo portal
Speculative candidate form on your Employer Profile
Candidate affiliate marketing scheme
HR Support- (10% off - Pay as you go)
Strategic HR
Operational HR
Employee Engagement
Recruitment Support
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Partnering with CareeerZoo we can help combine your potential with our expertise. Together we’ll help ensure you and your colleagues focus on the best for your business.

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