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Tom Kunde

Store Marketing Manager - O2

"Career zoo feels like what online job recruiting should have always been, an opportunity to utilise video, portray my personality and make myself more than words on a page"

David Bryant

Head of Ecommerce - Euro Office

“As a hiring manager, it can be difficult to identify quality candidates through sheer volume of applications. The unique format and process through CareerZoo has really  elevated our ability to find and attract exceptional talent, facilitating our continued company growth”

Neysan Yazamaidi

Commercial Lead  at Vodafone

“Very easy to post jobs and to use the portal. I also like the fact we can choose the level of support depending on the hires we're making.”

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At CareerZoo we know you want to hire outstanding candidates who are in demand and difficult to attract. In order to do that, you need your job post to grab, and keep, the attention of the best candidates out there. The problem is that it’s hard to engage with people who are content in their jobs, which makes hiring feel like an uphill battle. We believe all employers, regardless of their size or budget, should have the tools to attract and hire outstanding talent. Join the many brands, such as PRCO, R.Agency and Vested who work with us to help them grow their teams.
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